Saturday, January 8, 2011

What you can get at the thrift store...

I've promised my sister more pictures of "what you can get at the thrift store..." and of items that I have been these promises count as new year's resolutions?  I hope so because this means I will actually follow through on a few resolutions! 

This fabric was thrifted in the past couple of months, I just love the shamrocks and have used them as the front placket on a thrifted/redesigned sweater.  The brown, grey, aqua and mustardy yellow are all favorite colors of mine.  The blue and yellows flowers fabric is lightweight and I think qualifies as a voile.  The yellow polka dots are a vintage sheet. 
 This wall art was thrifted this summer with my Mom and it looks like its circa 1970's, but I just love its folksy look and the mother natureness of it all! 

I was going to post about some sweaters I've refashioned but that will have to happen another day.  My allergies are going nuts today and after a benadryl I'm feeling pretty drousy.  See you next post.


  1. What awesome luck you have thrifting. I must come and see you sometime. Love the sheets :)

  2. I really am liking this vintage sheet business!


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