Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New top and skirt and I love them!

We've had a pretty epic bout of illnesses here, hence the silence on this blog.  Big girl was sick first then little baby had croup followed by a nasty virus with a really high temp and now this week big girl is sick again.  AJ  has some virus but is feeling much better this morning.  Crossing my fingers that baby and I don't catch it!  Whew. Even so I catch a minute here and there to sew for my sanity and have completed two new patterns that I've been really happy with.
This is the Briar tee from Megan Nielsen.  It is a great sewing pattern for first time knit sewist (like me).  This top is actually a repurposed maternity skirt I made when pregnant with baby G.  I added leather patches at the shoulder and have just loved the top.  It has a high low hem which is great to cover the back of your pants as you bend to help little ones.  I have made two other Briars one which is pictured with the Cascade skirt from Megan Nielsen.
I struggled to get a good picture of this skirt and these were the two best shots.  It is kinda awkward to take pictures of yourself for these posts.  I love this skirt because of the flowy nature of it and how feminine it feels.  It is made from rayon challis.  The Briar tee in this picture is made from some poly/cotton jersey from Hancocks and it was very affordable.  I was skeptical about the quality but it has held up well.  

And finally for the Grandparents here are a few shots of the kiddos.
AJ with Micah in the rain!
AJ made this crown of jewels and I cut it out and taped it together for her.  She wore it to church on Sunday with a dress I made her.  She has developed specific opinions about her handmade clothes these days so needless to say my tastes in children's clothes have been shelved for the time being.
This dress is the appropriate colors and design for her aesthetic, pink and floral!  You gotta go with what works, right!?
And finally some quiet sister time looking out the window, but no illusions here it lasted probably all of two minutes!  Kiddos on the go!