Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vintage wrapping paper

I thrifted this vintage wrapping paper for pennies and just adore the scenes on it.  I am hoping to use the images for embroidery patterns on baby items.  I love the mushrooms and creatures that play around them.  As I child I know I would've loved imagining all intricacies and lives of the animals that lived in those mushroom houses...what fun!

I love the thought of using the images for embroidery patterns but what should I do with the actual paper?  I thought it could be cute modge podge but a lot of things I've modge podged I eventually got rid of.  So what could I make with it that might be lasting???  I'm open to suggestions. 


  1. Oooooo......that's so cute!! I know what you could do with that paper-have a contest and offer the paper as the prize. Let random thingy pick the winner! Yay...

  2. Ha ha ha, I wonder WHO would win it? You make me lol for real!!! Thats funny. I may have to photo copy and send you a "print" of it!


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