Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine's Day creations

I've been working on some new items to consign for Valentine's day.  The idea behind them was that they would be nice travel pouches to put a camisole or other undergarments in (my sister likes to call these things "unmentionables" :).  I also think they could function as a nice clutch or jewelry pouch.  They have velvet on the outside and most have soft silver silk on the inside.  I've hand embroidered wool hearts on several of them and a silk bow on the other.  Maybe in the future I'll do a tutorial on how I made these. 

This is the silk bow and the beads are small sterling silver bugle beads.  The edges are hand embroidered hem tape. 

This isn't the greatest picture but you get the idea.  It is lined with red polka dot cotton fabric and actually drove me a little bonkers.  I tried to sew it right sides together and turn it and its just too difficult to do with either slippery silk or velvet. 
This is a close-up of the details on the last one I'm making.  I love the aqua against the royal blue.  I hope to make something for AJ for Valentine's day too.  I'm thinking of making her some kind of bean bag toss game or velcro paper dolls.  Happy Valentine's creating to you in your neck of the woods! 


  1. Some how I missed this entry, so it was such a little treat to find and read it. I love the pouches. I would definitely put "unmentionables" in them. Especially if you were going on an airplane and knew that your bag would be searched, don't want any wandering eyes looking at that stuff. So cute. Wonder if it would help if you ironed the velvet before you used it, might keep it a little less slippery. Good luck :)

  2. I thought they turned out well, and would be cute too for a little clutch or especially useful for hosiery when traveling. You know the silk would keep it from getting snagged. The velvet was pretty flat its just that the flocking of the velvet smooshes and shifts whatever fabric you put on top of it so nothing can be sewn right sides together and then flipped. Make sense? Love hearing from you and miss you lots, wishing we were crafting together so badly!!!!


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