Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finished Toddler Crown Unveiling....ta da!

My husband finished decorating the crown for our sweet pea before Christmas and just as I suspected she would, she refused to wear it for us.  Bummer.  After much coercion on the day after Christmas she finally wore it.  It looked adorable and I had hopes that she'd show it off to family but alas I was, again, disappointed.  What can I say...she's two.  Any-who I think that Micah did a fabulous job!!
I love my husband who is so willing to go along with so many of my schemes.


  1. Another post!!!! Great new years resolution, i must do the same. We will have to challenge ourselves to two posts a week? or more! I need to figure out how to post pictures from my good camera instead of my little point and shoot. Love the crown, maybe she will wear it if mum and dad have one too!

  2. You're on for the two or more a week challenge. I really LOVED looking at your mouse pin cushions.


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