Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter dress #2 and how i get things done...

Easter dress for little G is finally finished.  It went slower, teething baby plus spotty sleep for Mommy means that there are lots of stops and gos for a dress project.  Also at one point I thought I was all done with the dress, photographed it and looked at the picture scratching my head thinking "whats missing."  The next day realized that I'd forgotten to read all the sewing instructions and left out a pleat at the bottom of the dress.  I guess when you've been sewing long enough you just toss the instructions but when you combine that with sleep deprivations things might get left out.  So I will show you the dress before the pleat was added and after.
And after the pleat and some lace detail:
Looks better right? And here are some detail close-ups.
And this is how I got the dress done:
In the far background is where AJ played with littlest petshopsand my vintage She-ras ;) and Little G played with everything else. Notice the pillow set up as a barrier between the toys.  Little G is getting better and better at manuevering herself around to get what she wants.  At one point she was layed over the barrier pillow whining to get to the petshops.  Poor baby, its so hard to be a baby.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easter dress #1

I completed one Easter dress today!  I love doing Easter dresses each year and try to always pick a pattern that has a sewing element I've never tried or that looks fiddly.  I get a little frustrated at times with fiddly dress patterns but see Easter as a special time to put forth more effort with the fiddly things.
Its hard to tell from this picture but the waist of this dress has three tucks.  They were indeed a test of patience trying to first trace them with worthless tracing paper and secondly trying to line them up!  But its all worth it for Easter!  AJ said she loved the dress and wants to wear it which is great!

Heres a close up of the bodice.  The pattern is a Butterick but I don't know the number off the bat.
And for the Grandmothers heres some kiddo goodness.
A much neglected doll finally getting some love.
 AJ playing in her corner by the window.  She likes to look out the window for "red robins."
And AJ midtwirl declaring last Sunday night as "the best night ever" because Aunt Mimi and Nana were visiting.  Happy sewing!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Clothing labels, getting ready for summer wardrobe

I've been getting inspired about sewing for this summer and now that I have two girls to sew for I feel like I need further out to plan. As I've been gathering fabrics and sewing patterns I've also been making clothing tags. Going through AJ's old clothes and trying to figure out the sizing has been a real guessing game when trying to dress baby G. So I thought I should start putting tags in the clothes. I used some screen printing paint, rubber stamps and unfinished biased tape.

The finished product turned out pretty good.

 AJ fits into some fives and some fours so next up are some four tags. I anticipate baby G being in 12 month clothes this summer. She's getting longer!
Also here's a link for giggles have a great day! Elmo Pizza Box dance Love that Sesame Street.