Sunday, December 12, 2010

Toddler Slippers

Its winter and its finally turned really cold here in KC and since my little sweetpea (AJ) doesn't like to wear socks around the house I made her slippers. I used a pattern from the blog From an Igloo and it turned out perfectly!  I made the size two and used a polyester microsuede type fabric on the outside and some pink fleece on the inside.  I added suede leather to the bottom to make them non-slip. 

AJ loves them and insists on wearing them during her naps and to sleep at bedtime.  She even wore them to a Christmas party recently.  This makes a momma very happy and I don't have to worry about how cold her little feet will be in this 17 degree weather.   I would highly recommend this pattern and also all the other cute stuff on the From an Igloo blog.  Well happy winter and may your toes stay as toasty as my little girl's!

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  1. Very cute! It's amazing what they fall in love with and can't put down. So glad she loves them.


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