Monday, May 2, 2011

What you can get at the thrift store and ramblings...

This weekend I found some time to run to one of my favorite thrift stores for their half off end-of-the-month sale.  I always scout out the whole store and especially like to check out their fabric.  I found a bolt of fabric with a few yards of what looks like old-time scenic Missouri.
It reminds me of the fabric that I posted about this winter here.  I love the scenes but am wondering what I should make out of it in order to preserve the large scenes?  Any suggestions?  Its also vintage so I wouldn't want to make anything that would be subject to multiple washings.  I think it was decorator fabric because it feels thick.  Here's the bolt end.
At some time this fabric was 1.99 a yard.  Seems like a stark contrast to the prices of decorator fabrics now huh? 

I also thrifted some taffeta for a Christmas dress for AJ.  I looked at buying some this past Christmas but just couldn't bring myself to fork over the money.  I found two yards of this taffeta for 1.00.
Its exactly the pattern and color that I had in mind last Christmas.  I think it just goes to prove that the karma of finding something you want will eventually catch up with you at a thrift store.

I also popped in to a local church rummage sale.  I literally whizzed in and practically whizzed out which is not like my usual lolly-gagging that I like to do at those kinds of sales.  I picked up this kids craft book and was super excited as I flipped through it.  The binding is really fragile but I LOVE the activities inside. 
Its by McCalls and dated 1953.  Here are a few of the activities.

I like that the pictures/activities often include both boys and girls.

These instructions are really clear and who could resist this little Dutch girl hat? 

Now I'm going to get a little reflective, you've been warned!!!!  I feel so fortunate to have the choice to shop at thrift stores and rummage sales.  On Sunday I needed an hour escape in the afternoon and went to a thrift store that features 20 cent clothing items on Sundays.  I haven't been in a while and since I can only go later on Sunday afternoons its not always worth it (all the items are very picked over by then.)  I rummaged around a bit and then decided I'd rather spend my time at Hancock's fabrics.  As I was leaving I noticed a Mom and daughter that looked as if they had no choice about where they shopped.  I went on to Hancock's for about thirty minutes and as I was driving home I saw the same Mom and daughter walking home on the street with their bags of clothing.  My heart went out to them and I considered just how incredibly lucky I am to have a choice about where I shop.  When I go to a thrift store it is for fun and it helps me support a value that I am trying to live out of trying to conserve the earth's resources but it is not out of necessity.  Yes it does help our budget greatly but again I still have choices. 

I am reflecting on this experience because I hope to use it as a reminder of how much Micah and I have and how we can be generous and live in a spaciousness that gives us open hands ready to give.  With the economy as it is, it's too easy to live with hands closed tightly around all your possessions.  I hope that I can live with more freedom than that. 


  1. What an awesome post! I love the heartfelt reflection on life. You are so true. We need to be thankful for what God has blessed us with and be generous in sharing those blessings with someone that is less fortunate. Thank you!
    The fabric is very beautiful. Hmmm...on what to make with it that doesn't need a lot of washing-I'll have to get back to you on that one. All I could think of was: totes,pillows,tableclothes, etc. Maybe some sort of wall hanging. Love the little book, it is so sweet. The Christmas fabric looks like the same fabric that Mom made Molly's dress out of one Christmas. I will blog about it sometime soon so you can see it. I don't think that I let Marianne borrow it, but I might have.
    Love you lots sis!! BTW-love your new header. So cute!!!

  2. Our family is incredibly blessed and we have much more than we need. What is it about the need for more and more. We are sending money and needed items to tornado victims but it doesn't feel like enough.
    I loved the fabric you found and wonder what you will do with it. Keep us posted about it.
    And the children's craft book is so cute. You have thrifted some great finds. Can't wait to see them next time I'm out.
    Keep doing your posts- I love them. Mama

  3. So glad you two follow the blog! I have had some great finds lately and do indeed feel blessed with so much and so much more than tangible things. I hope to make the fabric into a Christmas dress next year for AJ. I miss you two and hope to have something posted soon! Love E.


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