Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day posting, just a little late!

I wanted to post for Mother's Day but am just getting around to it, hmmm guess that's part of being a mother, less time for things like blog posts!  Anyway, I wanted to post this picture of me and AJ taken on Easter Sunday.
Being a Mom is such a multi-faceted experience and would be diminished by my thinking that I could summarize everything about it in a small blog posting but I will say a few things....
#1) Its THE hardest job I've ever had- I don't think anyone can describe for you how physical it is and how physically taxing it can be what with the lack of sleep in the beginning when they are babies and the constant motion as they grow into toddlers, not to mention the terrible twos...don't get me started!
 #2) I never knew I could feel so incredibly vulnerable- as my Mom says, "its your little heart running around in the world." 
 #3) I live more in the moment now than I think I ever did before I was a Mom- I guess a child is an inadvertent way to become more Zen or more like a Contemplative! 
#4) I never knew just how much overwhelming joy I was missing from my life before I had AJ-  I've really noticed this lately when looking through photo albums before Miss AJ and after Miss AJ.  I really loved my life before her but I just have SO MUCH joy now. 
#5) It gives me a deeper level of gratuity for my parents- after all somehow they had four of these energetic things and they did such a great job of loving us all.
#6)  Family times together are even more important and more wonderful- We love having our family visit but now we LOVE seeing our parents with our little girl.  There's just something about seeing your child with your parents, it feels like a gift you give back to them for all the hard work they did on you!

These are just a few of my reflections on Motherhood and they are just a snapshot of all that I've learned these past two and a half years.  Its a wonderful ride and I'd never, ever change it for the world!


  1. Elizabeth, what lovely insightful sentiments you have written. I've always felt parenthood is the hardest job in the world but it is the most rewarding. Your father and I are so fortunate to have four wonderful children who give back to us the most precious love, we are blessed. I am so very happy you and Micah have discovered one of life's true joys. Love, mom

  2. Thanks so much Momma! I feel blessed to be one of those children! So looking forward to seeing you all in July!! Much, much love, Elizabeth


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