Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring tops, Easter weekend and the #1 reason why to beware of vintage toys!

I am entering tops in the Spring Top Week at Made by Rae.  I entered tops last year and found it to be a great motivator for me to make clothes solely for myself.  The first top is from New Look 6669.  I really like the fit and only had to make very minor adjustments. 
The fabric was from Hancocks and purchased last spring.  I had some problems with the exposure of the picture, I just couldn't get the fabric to come out the way is really looks.  Does that make sense?  Anyway I love the fit and will love wearing it.  It has a zipper set in the side and is hidden, it made my brain hurt to figure the directions out the first time but after that it was a snap!
The second top is from Simplicity 2599 which I have made a few times before.  This time I made it in a beautiful yellow silk fabric found at a thrift store.  I felt so lucky the day I found about three yards of soft silk.  I've never had the nerve to buy it at the fabric store and then cut it up to sew.  I made this top with french seams so that the construction would be a little more durable.  French seams were a first too.  I'm really pleased with the results!  It will be a great church shirt.

This is top number 3 and also made from the New Look pattern.  The fabric is some swiss dot that I bought at Joann's last spring.  I love the lightness of this top and again the fit is perfect with the very minor adjustment of letting out the darts a little in the back.  Entering these tops in a contest really seems to be the push I need to get them done.  I know I'll love wearing them this summer.

Now to Easter weekend, a.k.a. the real reason why the Grandmothers read my blog!!!  AJ's dress turned out perfect in my opinion, I just LOVED the way it looked on her, love, love, love.

Look at those stockings and white shoes...again, I love it! 

AJ and Micah.  The hem is folded up in the back but you can see the seafoam bow on the front of the dress.

So sweet sitting on the grass.  Micah also did an Easter egg hunt with her in the back yard.

Yes that would be the compost bin in the background....pretend its a beautiful azalea bush.

And finally the number one reason why to beware of vintage toys!!!  I saw Strawberry Shortcake and her sister Apple Dumpling at an antique store and thought they would be perfect for AJ's Easter basket.  I love Strawberry Shortcake as a kid and thought AJ would too.  Needless to say we had a minor??? catastrophe on Easter morning.  After Micah took Strawberry out of her box he noticed her hair looked funny.  He pulled her hat off and out came a chunk of hair I took it and pulled (gently mind you), at her hair and it all came out except a mohawk down the middle.  I was horrified and told AJ that Strawberry only has a little hair.  She began to brush the mohawk and it came out too!! I felt terrible so I promised to take her to get a new doll.  She began to ask for her other doll and insist that I put the hat on Strawberry.  Poor girl, but actually I was way more horrified than she.  I just couldn't let her take the doll to church since I thought it looked so pitiful.  She was not happy with me, she really wanted to take it.  She did however take Apple Dumpling, her hair (thankfully) survived her being vintage. 
Poor Strawberry Shortcake!  I count it a lesson learned, never buy a vintage toy with hair!!! We made a trip to Toys R Us this week to buy a new Strawberry Shortcake with hair that did not instantly fall out.


  1. Wow...little ugly and a "Mr Clean" doll. Poor kid. Easter bunny must run out of good toys by the time he reaches Kansas City. Sorry...just had to say that. Really, little ugly is cute! I don't think he is that ugly at all. I should show you pics of my uglies: the elephant that has 1 normal leg and three stumps, snail with a growth on her back, the monkey that got alot of snickers from hubby, the cupcake that looks more like a mushroom than a cutie pie cupcake and the list goes on and on. Sorry about the strawberry doll. Maybe you could make her a yarn wig-that would be so cute. I love those dolls. They are so adorable. Wonder why the hair fell out? i have mine from when I was little and the hair is fine-they smell a little funny but hair is still there. Thanks so much for sharing, I just love reading your blog. Hopefully I can post tomorrow. Love you lots!!!!

  2. Forgot to comment about your tops. They are just beautiful!!!! I adore the yellow one! You have done an amazing job on them and AJ's easter dress is beautiful too! I just love looking at the pictures. Thanks!!

  3. Elizabeth, I love those shirts! They fit you perfectly. Is the ruffled shirt from the pattern we made last year? I may have to try that New Look pattern, it has a nice fit!

  4. Holly, I really want to see the uglies you have it!, post it!, post it! Who knows why the hair fell out but she is COMPLETELY bald and the Apple Dumpling was just fine eventhough they were in the same box! You need to make those clothes for Maddi and post them too, I'd love to see it.

    Hanni, I think the ruffled shirt may be the same? Its that basic, very popular simplicity pattern that also has the row of three ruffles in the center chest. The New Look is a current pattern and I found it for 29 cents at a thrift store so I was happy about that! The great thing about it is the pleats in the back give you some room to adjust the fit. I ended up letting them out a good bit.


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