Saturday, May 21, 2011

Make it Work challenge and AJ's new do!

I have another reason to sew this weekend (as if anyone really NEEDS a reason to sew) and its the Sew a Straight Line blog's Make It Work challenge.  For some reason these types of flickr pool contests light a fire under me and help me crank out my sewing projects.  Go figure.  The first one I completed was a thrifted granny shirt that I picked up for 25 cents.  Now no offense to any one that might consider themselves in the "granny" category but the way I know this shirt is "granny" is because as I was checking out at the thrift store the cashier (who was most definitely a great grandmother) held up the shirt and said, "that's a really pretty shirt." 
It needed some de-frumping.  I took off the buttons, took off the white embroidered modesty panel and resized the whole thing. 
Scallops on garments is a trend I've just noticed.  I love the scallops on this Meghan Nielson skirt.   This will most likely be my next sewing project. 

The next top I finished I pieced together from three different patterns.  Here's the patterns:

I used the pockets from the Cynthia Rowley pattern, the main body from the vintage pattern, and the wide straps from the Butterick pattern. I also cut off the main body of the vintage pattern to make it into a top rather than a dress.  I have never "remixed" patterns before and am really glad I tried this.  I now know how to put inset pockets in the side of a garment.  Turns out its not hard at all!!
This is the end result and I'm pretty happy with it.  I probably would've taken it up on the sides had I not already sewn the pockets in.  Live and learn.  The white fabric is just white muslin and the triangle in the middle is from some fabric my Mom gave to me.  Recognize it Mom?  I am glad that I gave this challenge a whirl since it now helps me look at the individual pieces of my patterns differently.

I can't blog without mentioning the little sweet pea.  She has become attached to a new hair do and I think it is the cutest thing.
She recently watched the movie The Rescuers (a childhood favorite of mine) and the main character wears two ponytails.  AJ wanted her hair to be like "Penny's." 
Pointing and saying "I want the mickey mouse magnet."  AJ and I were making cookies for a friend that was coming over to visit and she loved helping.  The shirt she is wearing is another peasant top that I've made for her summer wardrobe.  It has these cute chickens with scarves on it. 

And here's one final photo of me during my "photo shoot" with Micah.  Whenever he takes my pictures for the blog he always does some kind of paparazzi shenanigans.  This time he was singing the song Paparazzi while clicking the camera at lightening speed.  It never fails to get to me.

Well that wraps us up for this Saturday!  Talk to you soon!


  1. O my, what a great post. Your remake was unbelievable. (I don't like the granny shirt either). You saved that blue shirt from life long boredom. And the white top made from 3 patterns is so cute. Yes,I recognize the fabric. It turned out well, proud of you for the creativity. Of course, the show was stolen by little ponytails. Wish I could snatch her up and kiss that little neck. Whatta doll. You do awesome posting. And Micah does good photography. Almost as good as a visit. Thanks, love mama

  2. I'm so glad it was almost like a visit. Thank you for your sweet compliments. I am so glad you keep up with the blog, I keep up with it because I know y'all are following! Little miss looks so cute in those ponytails, wore them today for the third or fourth day in a row. Her curiousity is reigning lately and she has been grabbing stuff when we're distracted a lot lately. Keeping us on alert. Sending you love and a big hug and kiss and wishing I was there to visit with you on the couch. Love, e.


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