Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recent apron creations

Lately I've been working on some aprons to consign at The Peacock Cafe in Leavenworth.  I enjoy making the aprons since it feels like a little work of art with each one. 
This one was so soft because it was made from a repurposed sheet.  I love the daisy print and the doily is so delicate and PINK!

I liked combining the black and pink on this one.  What is it about pink that makes the black pop so much?

This one has light green linen on the front and little embroidered leaves around the yo-yo flowers.  I love ruffles on an apron!

This one is similar to the one above but is made completely from the rose fabric.

This apron was made from what I think was an old table cloth.  I LOVED the print since it looks as if its been cross stitched.  The yellow square on front is a huge pocket made from linen and the little hankie opposite is also a small pocket.  I thought it would be just the right size for a cell phone.  Seems kind of funny to pair modern technology accommodations with an old timey apron, but hey, times they are a changin'!

I just love the way this apron turned out.  I had some trouble getting it to show up as well on the picture as it does in person.  You can barely see it but the word "Nourish" is embroidered on the bottom right (your right) corner of the white pocket.  The crochet piece on the pocket is one of my favorite crochet finds and the handkerchief at the top is a pocket as well.  I have to credit my sister (Cotton Pickin Fun) with the wooden spoon idea on the tag.  I just love the look of a worn wooden spoon/utensil next to these aprons.  It makes them look like they are ready to go to work!  I also have to credit my sister with teaching me how to put a watermark on my pictures as well, thanks Holly!!!  We are technologically challenged in these parts!!!  Well happy Tuesday to all!


  1. Oh wow!!The aprons are just beautiful! They remind me of grandma. Glad you liked my wooden spoon idea, it makes them look so homey. You could also try vintage pastry blenders, pie crimpers, enamel spoons, cookie cutters, etc. Everyone loves to get a little "freebie", I should know, I adore getting that little unexpected thing. Your watermark on the pics looks amazing. I must do that too. I love the cross stitch look. AWESOME! Love ya!

  2. Thanks Holly! Your compliments and phone call today were so encouraging! It was good to talk to you the other day too. I'm so glad I have a craft scheming, blogging buddy! I love that cross stitch look too, wish I had that font option on my blog heading!! Love you!


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