Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring activities!!! At last!

Spring finally feels like it is really here!  Meaning the warm/pleasant/sunny days seem to be outnumbering the cold/overcast/gray days!  Hooray!!  It just couldn't come fast enough.  We have been anticipating our days spent outside with clotheslines, wagon, garden tools, flower pots and seed packets and it is finally here. 
I love the smell of clothes after they've been out in the sunshine.  Hanging out laundry is so peaceful and comforting.

The tulips have been beautiful this year and always a beautiful welcome for the beginning of spring.

Me and Micah soaking up the sunshine!
AJ playing tug of war with Buster.  She kept insisting "No! Its MY stick!"  Poor Buster he just didn't understand.
This is the basic play outfit that I made for AJ this summer.  The pants are from a McCalls pattern and the top I fashioned from a tutorial on Indietutes.  I used this peasant top last year and made it with a few changes this year.  I made the hem longer (more like a tunic) and omitted the elastic in the arms and added ties to the back.  I love simple lines like this in a pattern and love making AJ clothes out of bright cotton prints.  I just finished her Easter dress this past weekend and hope to have it up on the blog soon!  Its so gratifying to sew clothes for a wee one.  They are small which makes the project easy to work with and they use small amounts of fabric too.   Well happy spring and Easter to you!


  1. What wonderful pictures! The clothesline picture looks so comforting. I love clothes blowing in the breeze. Love the little summer outfit, looks so cute on her. I need to finish Maddi's shirts I started them last year. Looks like y'all are so ready for warm weather. The shadow pic is very clever, i need to do that with the family. So funny about the stick fight, love it! Mom and I were so excited to see a new entry. We both read your blog. Mom has lost her password so she can't comment-lol.
    Love you lots!!!

  2. Yay for Spring! I love your postings and your pictures of your crafty doings. Love you!

  3. Holly, I'm so glad y'all check my blog, tell Momma maybe the blog administrator took away her pass word ;) And Susan, thanks for checking it out!! I have your letter with my chicken scratch of the sourdough bread recipe ready to go! I hope you both have a wonderful Easter full of those Alabama azaleas that I miss so much! Love e.


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