Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vintage character sheets and curtains

This winter during my thrifting and antiquing expeditions I collected several sheets and curtains with cartoon characters.  They are so vibrant and full of whimsy, plus some of them take me back to my childhood. 
I guess they make me feel nostalgic plus I have the excuse of a cute little girl who might enjoy them too!

DSC02693 by ashleypritchetts
This Raggedy Ann and Andy sheet set was in pretty good condition.  I love the calico orange hearts.  I really favor calicos...I guess it goes back to my childhood fascination with Laura Ingalls Wilder books!
DSC02695 by ashleypritchetts
Recently we were without a TV for a month or more so we watched alot of old cartoons on youtube.  Smurfs are now a new favorite.  Were you as intrigued by those mushroom houses as I was? 
DSC02696 by ashleypritchetts
These Sesame Street curtains are my favorite.  They are before Elmo and before Abby Cadaby!  Such adorable pictures and characters!  Having a tiny girl sure makes looking for character sheets and curtains more fun!  Speaking of tiny girls, this past week we made a game of threading spools of thread onto a piece of cord.  She was REALLY good at it and strung a ton of them.  I just love this girl so much!
DSC02708 by ashleypritchetts

She's always on the go as you can see from the blur of this picture!


  1. What a walk down memory lane!! Remember the Star Wars sheets we had-haha. You should pair them up with a white fitted sheet and let her use them when she get a big girl twin bed. Little hint: save her crib sheets (and if you don't get her a toddler bed you can cut them up into pillow cases for her big girl bed. I have a few of Maddi's that lost the elasticity so you really could no longer use them and I found it waaayyy too difficult to replace the elastic, so I made the most adorable pillow cases. So fun! It was a great was to keep those baby years within arm's reach. Maybe I will do a tutorial on them. Fun! Have an awesome day and BTW my needlefelted Red Riding Hood mouse sold! I am so excited,I hope to put Robin Hood up soon. Lots of love!

  2. Just wanted to appoligize for any misspelled words. My computer loves to play jokes on me and has taken it upon herself to skip letters. Meaning: I really don't look at what I type, easier-I know weird, as I type she will leave out a letter here and there. I did notice a few mistakes above...oh well. lol

  3. Love those sheets, take me back to your childhood too. still have some glasses and the pillsbury dough boy cups. and cookie jar.
    love lvoe love the pic of the baby girl, coo toot. my precious. cant WAIT to come. got some cotton sweaters to try to embellish like yu and katherine ann,. i'll try. love your posts. ck nearly every day for you and holly to post. love you all mama

  4. Holly I saw someone had made an apron from the star wars funny. Also good hint about baby sheets, you should do a tut on it! Also I investigated your etsy site after I looked at your blog to see what you sold...sneaky sister. I think that mouse was so cute! I love your disclaimers at the bottom of the page that say something about "visual enjoyment" etc. Strange about the computer I just thought you were a tired mom!
    And Momma we can't wait either. What fun we'll have! I was thinking about the sweater embellishments too and picked up a wool sweater for .50c.for us to embellish for you. I have lots of embellishments we can use!!! He he and I am going to rent lots of masterpiece theatre for us to watch at night! Love to both of you!!! Oh yeah, the little AJ is pretty precious, have pics to post of her playing "communion" with my traveling communion kit also have her helping MIcah repair the bath tub with her tools....:)

  5. Well...I am tired, but the computer makes me look tired and like a very bad speller >:( She is very naughty. I think she needs to go to a day spa. Sounds like you and mom are going to have some awesome fun!! Hmmmm....sweaters for .50c? Sounds like I need to send you some quarters. Any discards that don't work out I would love to buy them off of you if they are wool, or really any animal fiber and a tight weave. I want to cut them up for the mice outfits. Love ya!!

  6. You know I have a guest bed and you and any who want to come with you are always welcome!!! If you could send me some throw away swatches of what you like(as in knit or weave, colors, percentage wool etc.) I can keep an eye out for them and buy them up and bring them this summer/next Christmas. They are sifting out their winter items at thrift stores to summer so stuff is really marked down. Also I sometimes see really good deals on wool coats, in fact I have bought a few for felting that I've used and have tons left over from and could ship you some of it? Let me know and I'd be happy to ship it with your mouse magazine and interfacing that I plan on sending really soon. Also, do you want 100% wool? See lots of it up here. You computer is naughty, sounds like she needs a spanking not spoiling. ha ha ha! Miss you Sis and hope you know your mouse has pride of place in my house!

  7. You are so sweet and dear! The wool scraps would be great! I like a tight weave, like a cashmere weave. I am going to felt them. Now I am going to type you a sentence and show you how bad she is acting up-yes a spanking seems more appropriate. "Hey weare having woderfulweater here, it has een raining all day an the kids want t goo andplay on te payground nhve fun." See I told you-she is just messed up

  8. Hey girls all your stuff is coo tute! just love looking at my talented sisters blogs :)

  9. Hey Mari! Glad you are following!!! You know you could start a blog too and we would have a trio, I keep telling Mom to start one too! Love you!


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