Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sources of inspiration.

I've been thinking lately about my sources of inspiration for all the creative things I do in life.  It occurred to me recently that when asked where I learned how to sew or craft I usually always answer my Mother.  And this is true, my Mom taught me so much about being creative mostly because she was so very creative.  She did wonderful things like make us ceramic heart jewelry boxes for Valentine's Day.  Sew Easter dresses and Halloween costumes. 

(My Mom is in the stripes on the right and on the left is my Aunt Karen.)

But lately I've been thinking that I also had another important source of inspiration when growing up.  He was my Dad.

(Me and Daddy at the beach.)

Even though my Dad did not sew he did do something else that was unique.  He made turkey callers.  At this point some of you may think "I never knew there was such a thing."  But I assure you, there is!  And my Dad made great ones.  In fact, because I grew up hearing him "tune" his "callers" all the time I feel pretty confident in my ability to get a "caller" to sound like a turkey.  During my childhood my Mom and Dad marketed my Dads callers for a time.  I even went with my parents to turkey caller conventions.  There are such things I tell you!  I also remember sitting in my Dad's shed area where he crafted his callers.  My job was to help sweep up the cedar chips on the floor.  (This also makes me think that I have learned so many things from my parents about how to be a good parent but that's another story for another blog entry.)

My Dad's creativity and willingness to sell his callers is where I draw some encouragement to try and sell some of the things I sew and create.  So I had not only one great parent who inspired me to create, but two!  I am so grateful for my parents and all the gifts they have given me over the years, including the gift of creativity and ingenuity.  Momma, Daddy, Thank you and I love you!    


  1. I wrote a comment about this posting on the wrong spot. Well, that's me for sure. You'll get a laugh anyway. Remember the good seafood we ate on our vacation to the SC coast? I think Micah got his fill of shrimp didn't he? could go for some now. HMMMM maybe time for a trip to SC. Love, M

  2. It was a wonderful trip! Something we need to plan again maybe in 2012? I know AJ would love it, she pretends she's at the beach all the time and she has her toys "go to the beach" all the time too. Love you, E.

  3. LOVE this post. It is so sweet of you to tell everyone about Mom and Pop. They are two of the most amazing people. Very wonderful to have grown up under their roof. Mom's sharing of her love of crafts really made an impression on us, didn't it? And Pop's turkey callers.....gave us the appreciation of handcrafted woodworking. Wish he would get back to it, he loves it so. We need to start him a website. He has wanted me to for a while. That will be our other goal for this summer :) sending "big" XOXOXO

  4. Aawww, I love see all the pictures and hearing about the past and how it relates to how we developed into adults :)


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