Friday, March 11, 2011

For the Grandmothers...

DSC02689 by ashleypritchetts
DSC02684 a photo by ashleypritchetts on Flickr.
Two weeks ago our little miss had her hair cut for the first time. We took her to Sheer Madness, a salon for young children. It was worth the 15.00 just for all the entertainment they provide. AJ did wonderfully and her haircut ended up being right around shoulder length. We saved several pieces of her hair for the Grandmoms and baby book. Such sweet precious hair!

DSC02699 by ashleypritchetts

DSC02700 by ashleypritchetts

I've also been thinking about the upcoming visits of the Grandmoms this spring. I've been busy sewing market bags for them, using fabrics that made me think of them. I wonder if they can tell which bag is for which one of them? The bags will be great for our shopping excursions.  We always look forward to the Grandmother's visits and I know of a little girl who especially loves their visits!


  1. AJ looks so cute in the car. Getting a big girl hair cut. I haven't cut Maddi's hair in 2 yrs and that was the only time that it was ever cut! Since her hair is curly it looks like it doesn't grow very fast. Love the market bags. Very jealous that g-moms are coming. I can't remember the last time mom and dad came to visit. I believe last Sept, but that's ok we do live closer so are able to visit them more that you are able to. So you deserve all the visits you can get. We would love to take a trip to your house and visit, maybe next year-summer. We will have to make plans :) Always giddy with excitement when I see you have posted-it's the little things in life (smile).

  2. The pic of AJ is precious. She did so well and I can't wait to see the finished product. and kiss kiss kiss her.
    Lovve the bags. Is mine the bottom one? hope so
    I wanted to go to Holly's but had to work for Dad all day and I need to go to herhouse on a Thurs to make the visit worthwhile. we did go in sept for M's bday.
    Love to read your posts and see the pics. love mama

  3. Hey you two! The bottom bag is for you Mom. The fabric is a remnant from a decorator fabric and it totally made me think of you. The top one has breast cancer awareness ribbons on it for Dixie. I've been meaning to make something for her from it for some time.

    I know y'all will have a good visit at Easter. It always makes me have a little ping when I see the Easter pics and wasn't able to be there. Y'all are lucky to live so close to each other. Y'all should meet up one weekend in Atlanta and go to the aquarium. That would be a fun Saturday.

    Love to you both!

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