Monday, March 4, 2013

Clothing labels, getting ready for summer wardrobe

I've been getting inspired about sewing for this summer and now that I have two girls to sew for I feel like I need further out to plan. As I've been gathering fabrics and sewing patterns I've also been making clothing tags. Going through AJ's old clothes and trying to figure out the sizing has been a real guessing game when trying to dress baby G. So I thought I should start putting tags in the clothes. I used some screen printing paint, rubber stamps and unfinished biased tape.

The finished product turned out pretty good.

 AJ fits into some fives and some fours so next up are some four tags. I anticipate baby G being in 12 month clothes this summer. She's getting longer!
Also here's a link for giggles have a great day! Elmo Pizza Box dance Love that Sesame Street.

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  1. I love these. Perfect for handmade clothing and great to replace those itchy store tags. Would also be handy to just stamp the size in some clothing that is thick enough to not show to the other side. Hope you all are doing well. Sending my love, h


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