Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easter dress #1

I completed one Easter dress today!  I love doing Easter dresses each year and try to always pick a pattern that has a sewing element I've never tried or that looks fiddly.  I get a little frustrated at times with fiddly dress patterns but see Easter as a special time to put forth more effort with the fiddly things.
Its hard to tell from this picture but the waist of this dress has three tucks.  They were indeed a test of patience trying to first trace them with worthless tracing paper and secondly trying to line them up!  But its all worth it for Easter!  AJ said she loved the dress and wants to wear it which is great!

Heres a close up of the bodice.  The pattern is a Butterick but I don't know the number off the bat.
And for the Grandmothers heres some kiddo goodness.
A much neglected doll finally getting some love.
 AJ playing in her corner by the window.  She likes to look out the window for "red robins."
And AJ midtwirl declaring last Sunday night as "the best night ever" because Aunt Mimi and Nana were visiting.  Happy sewing!


  1. Ooo, I love that pink fabric! I'm glad Annelise does too, so it won't be a "boring" dress :) Are you going to make a dress for yourself also? I wish I had time, but I don't think it's going to happen this year. Also, I am very jealous that you all can be outside in light clothes, we still have some piles of snow on the ground here, and I saw a few random flakes floating through the air today.

  2. Oh, and Eleanor received that same Cinderella castle for her birthday! Too bad you all aren't still around, I think she and Annelise would have so much fun together now (or else spend a lot of time fighting for the same toys!)

  3. Hey Darling Daughter #3: Ignore Hanni's comment about "too bad youall arent still around." Forget everything Hanni ever said about coming back to KC. Dixie and I need you here! Love love love the pics of the precious babies. The E dress is great - beautiful on AJ I know. Using the old computer in kitchen and it keeps blanking out. *&%$#@. bye love, mama

  4. Hanni I thought that pink fabric looked like AJ and I hope to make myself something to wear as well, but you know how that goes. I feel for you with the snow, I saw that it was snowing buckets around Chicago too! Also the similar taste in toys is why you and Katherine should come out this summer, we have tons of the princess plastic. And Mom glad you are enjoying the pics and you really need that notebook laptop!! Love to y'all


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