Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter dress #2 and how i get things done...

Easter dress for little G is finally finished.  It went slower, teething baby plus spotty sleep for Mommy means that there are lots of stops and gos for a dress project.  Also at one point I thought I was all done with the dress, photographed it and looked at the picture scratching my head thinking "whats missing."  The next day realized that I'd forgotten to read all the sewing instructions and left out a pleat at the bottom of the dress.  I guess when you've been sewing long enough you just toss the instructions but when you combine that with sleep deprivations things might get left out.  So I will show you the dress before the pleat was added and after.
And after the pleat and some lace detail:
Looks better right? And here are some detail close-ups.
And this is how I got the dress done:
In the far background is where AJ played with littlest petshopsand my vintage She-ras ;) and Little G played with everything else. Notice the pillow set up as a barrier between the toys.  Little G is getting better and better at manuevering herself around to get what she wants.  At one point she was layed over the barrier pillow whining to get to the petshops.  Poor baby, its so hard to be a baby.


  1. Just look at little sweetie pie! So adorable! I think the pillow barrier is hysterical! Forget climbing over, won't be long until she figures out to crawl around. Poor AJ, she just doesn't know what's coming >:) love, love, love the Easter dress and the lace is perfect! can't believe that Easter is just around the corner. Love to you and yours, Holly

  2. Little G's dress is precious-just like her. The pic of her is so stinking cute. I need some Grace sugar. Marianne said today "Let's just drive up there and get hold of those two little darlings. We need some sugar". They are going to be too cute in their dresses. Love the pic of Gracie sitting in the toys and AJ twirling in last post. Makin the grams happy. Love you all mama


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