Friday, February 22, 2013

New curtains

I have been slowly working on the baby's room to make it look more circus themed and its a slow evolution but I'm pleased with some of the results. This week I finished her curtains. I even added some blackout backing to them to make her room darker for naps. The pictures turned out dark because of the blackout fabric. AJ told me the curtains remind her of a cake because of the ruffles. Also our other news is that AJ lost her first tooth this week. She was eating her "cheese between" breakfast sandwich and came to me and said "I think my tooth fell out!" She said that at first "I thought it was a hard piece of cheese and spit it out to ask you if it was my tooth." Much excitement! While one looses a tooth the other one is getting a new tooth. Good times.


  1. I love the curtains! I think they look like cake too. This past week I was thinking that I need to send AJ a tooth fairy doll. Guess i was too late. I will send it any way. I have come up with a way to document each with the date and the order the tooth fell out (ex tooth #1, tooth #2, etc). I loved using these little "certificates". I also have a tiny ziplock bag that I will include to make a tooth document "kit". I will try to send you 10 little kits. So exciting. Tell her how excited we are. You know with Molly (she lost her first tooth at 5) she cried. I hadn't thought to tell her that her baby teeth would fall out and this was before she started Kindergarten, so she didn't know about teeth falling out. She bit into a hotdog and it fell out and she cried and cried, especially since i was constantly telling them "If you don't brush your teeth they will fall out!". Anyway, have a wonderful toothy day, Holly
    ps so excited that Baby G is getting teeth :D

  2. What an adorable little girl! She is the best. Did she put it under the pillow? The curtains are adorable too. Perfect for a beautiful baby like yours. Kiss the babies for me, mama


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