Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kiddo Christmas Crafts

As promised here are the crafts AJ and I worked on this past month.  I love doing crafts with her at this time of year but I have to say that with the sleep deprivation a six month old brings, I had a little less patience this year. 
This is the Snow village we worked on together for over a week.  We did it in bits and pieces, painted the doors and windows one day, the tubes another and applied the glitter on another day.  You can't tell from the picture but the roofs have "snow" on them as well as around the bottom of the houses.  Next to one of the houses is a purple snowman made from pom poms.  This was another craft we were meant to do together but just turned into me completing.  There were more of these little guys but AJ has misplaced them and we haven't a clue where they are now.
Notice the ric rac scarf blowing in the wind. 

These are a couple of the salt dough ornaments we made for everyone we could think of.  These two belong to two of AJ's friends in Kansas City we just haven't mailed them yet.  I added strips of fabric scraps to the ornaments for hanging.   
This is wrapping paper that AJ and I made.  I just took a huge roll of craft paper and rolled in across the kitchen floor then poured red and white paint out and let AJ walk across it with painted white feet and stamp it with red hands.  She seemed to love it and at several points when I'd point out a spot with no prints she'd say "I've got it Mom, I know how to do it!"  So grown up. 
Here it is on a package to Nana and Pop pop.  AJ picked out the bow.
It turned out so cute and I think I'm going to have a hard time wrapping gifts with it and giving it away!  Well two more days until Christmas!  I hope all your Kiddo Christmas crafts have been fun this year too!


  1. What fun you and your sweet grown up baby girl have been having. The flu put a screeching halt on my crafts this year. Just went to the dr and test came back positive :( Hopefully I can get everything done that I want too. My kiddos went to the mall with dad today to get picture with Santa. Fun! but I had to stay home on the couch :((
    Love to you and your wonderful sweet family,

  2. Oh so sorry to hear that! I know what a damper illness can be on your last days of preparation (especially for you, you crafty person). We've had little colds around here but not the flu. Hope you are well rested and ready to go by Christmas eve and Christmas day! Would love to see that picture, I know y'all go to the same Santa each year. Give everyone a hug and a kiss from us and looking forward to seeing you soon!! Love,Elizabeth


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