Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter wardrobe for the 4 year old

This post was to be published this past fall but I just couldn't get around to it.  So here are some of the clothes I sewed for AJ's winter wardrobe. 

This dress was made with the Crafty Cloe series from Heather Ross at Hancocks. You can see that it is a Simplicity pattern since I scribbled it on the chalkboard.
The shift dress was a pattern that has been lingering for ages just waiting to be sewn. I've loved and hoarded that bird fabric for too long and finally cut into it. The skirt has some velveteen ribbon around the edges of it that I've been waiting to use as well. Its from a childrens sewing book that I've used numerous times and continue to love. I will be back with some pictures of the Christmas sewing I did for my little ones soon!


  1. I love these!! I recognize the bird one as the one that AJ wore at Christmas. It was so adorable on her! We had so much fun with you and your family at Christmas. I can't wait to see what you made for them. Have a wonderful night, love, Holly

  2. I really enjoy reading your and Holly's blogs. I'm at QPB and having my lunch and wanted to do something for fun so the BEST thing I could think of was to read one of my beautiful smart daughters' blogs. Holly's wouldn't pull up???? idk why, so I got yours. I can use your link to her site to view hers. Love the pics of the dresses. much cuter in person and on person.
    Love mama


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