Saturday, April 23, 2011

When craft creations go wonderfully right and terribly wrong!

I finished two Easter creations this past week.  The first went wonderfully right.  I chose McCalls 6269 for AJ's Easter dress.  I loved the bow in front and the overall frilly, poofyness of it. 
The floral fabric is from Joann's fabrics and I've had it for about a year.  The seafoam fabric was thrifted and I still have a ton of it.  It is eyelet.  I like making AJ dresses for Easter and I use it as an excuse to outfit her in new shoes, stocking etc.  The little bow at the top of the hanger is for her hair and it's from some ribbon my Mom brought to me on her recent visit.  Thanks Mom/Nana!

Now its time to show you the craft creation that went terribly wrong.  I had good intentions of making AJ some cute crochet Easter critters for her Easter basket but after this dissapointing result, I just put down my crochet hook.....drum roll please....I now would like to introduce the creature I like to call "Little Ugly." 
Little Ugly was supposed to be this egg cozy.  Ha, ha, ha!!  Thats me laughing but its also Little Ugly laughing at me for trying to make it cuter than the instructions from Lion brand.  It started out as an egg cozy but I thought, "we don't eat eggs why in the world would we want a cozy?"  So I closed up the bottom and stuffed it.  Then I sewed the suggested eyes on from the pattern (seed beads) but Little Ugly just looked like he/she was squinting.  So back to safety eyes.  Next the ears.  I think I put too much stuffing in them because they look like big pinky fingers protruding from its head.  I gave it to AJ to test it out and she said "it looks strange."  She prefers to call Little Ugly "strange rabbit."  Oh well, I guess you win some and lose some.  Anyone up for a giveaway, huh?  One Little Ugly looking for a good and accepting home. 


  1. Absolutely love the Easter dress!! That is so awesome that you made it. I use to make Maddi's but last years and this years dresses were store bought. I did buy some patterns recently that I will blog about and show you the dress when I finish it. Poor, poor little ugly. She really isn't a failure, just a learnin experience or as I tell my children "a life lesson". I just might have to dust off my needles and give it a try and then we can have Little Ugly's sister "Ima Ugly"-LOL. You do get points for trying. Maybe a hairbow or earbow would spruce her up, some rabbit teeth, cheeks? Hope you, hubby and AJ had a wonderful Easter! The sermon today was awesome! Sending you lots of love and kisses!!!!

  2. Our Easter was great. I was in the nursery today so I wasn't able to hear Micah's sermon but I heard it was good. I am fortunate to have a pastor that I love hearing!!
    Its a great feeling to look at the finished product when I complete AJ's Easter dresses!


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