Saturday, February 12, 2011

One more sweater and vintage fabric shopping bags

This is the latest sweater in my sweater refashioning experimentation.  I am having a hard time deciding if it is cute or tacky...hhmmm and I can't decide if I look totally granny in it?  Anywho its wool and I have an affinity for natural fibers and warmth so it meets both of those requirements.  This is the before and I really wanted to convert it to a cardigan and cover up the Ralph Lauren emblem.
And here is the after:
The leaves are cut from a wool felted scarf that had some moth holes in it.  If I had it to do over I would space the leaves better, my goal was to cover the Ralph Lauren emblem. 

I've also been working on some shopping bags that fold up into a nice square.  This one was sewn from a vintage sheet. 
This is what the bag looks like when folded up.
It folds to about 5 by 4 inches wide and long and that is a vintage button to boot. 
Here's another shopping bag made from vintage Waverly fabric.
I handstitched doilies to some of the bags.  I enjoy using these bags to cart library books back and forth to the library and I keep one in my purse for small purchases.  The aesthetic quality of bags like this motivate me to use them even more than the homely ones we use for groceries.  And of course I love love love the vintage fabrics. 



  1. Wow!!! You have got to open up an etsy shop. I think those bags are just darling. The sweater is awesome!! Not granny looking at all. If granny wore this sweater she would automatically look 30 yrs younger, no joke. All of your sweaters are just beautiful. Very talented, your sewing is just perfect. Yes...I did maximize the photo, just to see the stitches.

  2. I KNEW IT! :) I thought, "why am I putting an enlarged pic of the details on here, Holly will just zoom in on it!" Love that we are so predictible. Your compliments are sweet, do you really think this stuff would sell?

  3. You know me so well...hahahahaha...I think the bags would sell great. You might have a little trouble with the sweaters since there are so many different size ladies out there. A popular size would probably be L. That way large and small sizes could both wear. It is only .20 to list something and you get 5 pictures for that price. Etsy makes 3.5% of what you sell. It is alot easier than ebay to list something. Maybe I didn't do enough ebay to get good at it but I find it a little more complicated than Etsy. Thanks for being so faithful to comment on mine too, I love reading the comments :o) BTW: I am going to start another blog, read about it on my today's post.


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