Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Craft Expo this weekend.

This weekend will be the second craft fair I have done this fall.  A friend of mine and I combine our forces to make a booth of handmade, hand sewn objects that are a labor of love.  I am trying to figure out what makes my hand sewn objects unique and what exactly I love to sew.  I have loved using this preparation time for the fair as a time to experiment.  Its a great chance for me to try out something and think, "whats the risk?  I can try to sell it or maybe someone gets it for Christmas."  Selling my crafts is so new to me that I feel free to dabble but here are some things I've figured out for sure about creating items for sale.
1.) I love, love, love to sew with vintage textiles (although I'm not sure if people love, love, love to buy them?)
2.) I have to change it up a bit every now and then or I get bored (change from sewing to hand embroidery, change from sewing bags to sewing aprons, change from one fabric to a new one). I usually have three, maybe four projects going at once.
3.) It is definitely a labor of love and you will probably not be able to charge someone a price that is equivalent to the love you put into the item.  You have to love (and enjoy) what you are doing or it won't be worth it.
4.) The devil is in the details, I loathe some of the little details, its something my sister seems to excel at, however for me it takes a force of nature and caffeine to finish the details.

So far these are the things I am learning about making handmade objects to sell.  I know there is more to add to this list so it will probably grow later.  For now here are some of the make-up bags that I will be selling this weekend.

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  1. Just absolutely adore the bags! What fun. You are very talented. Christmas gifts? What a wonderful idea, put some lipgloss in one and it would be the perfect gift for teachers or teenagers. Luv it!!!


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