Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My camera is in Kenya.

Its the tenth day since my husband has been on a trip to Kenya.  He took the camera and of course since he took the camera I can think of about ten things I'd like to post but can't since he is currently taking numerous picture of animals in their natural state.  So I'll use this post as a teaser. 

Here are the things I will take pictures of and post about in the near future (as in the next two weeks).  I found some really cool vintage sheets this past week.  One has big pink and black daisies and another was still in the original packaging.  It had bright pinky red flowers on it.  I am always so psyched when the sheets are still in their original packaging.

 I've also been working on some holiday napkins for an upcoming craft show.  Two of the fabrics are Alexander Henry designs and are so rich to look at.  As I was getting them cut at the Joann's counter two women were staring weirdly at them telling me with fabric hoarder envy that I had beautiful fabrics.  This struck me as strange and the thought popped in my head, "you could have pretty fabric too just tell the nice lady to cut you a yard."  (A short digression, my mom and I were fabric shopping last week and she kept exclaiming loudly how gorgeous different fabrics were just to make the lady near us jerk her head over to look in envy...hi-larious.) 

One last thing I'd like to post a picture of is a piece of what I guess you'd call wall art that I found while thrifting.  Its this vintagy, circa 1970's tree with flowers and animals perched on its limbs.  I really liked the animals and I like looking over at it during the day just to admire its cuteness. 

When my camera returns from its safari I will post pictures of these teasers and maybe throw in a picture of Kenya to boot.

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