Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blogging with a friend

I've been wondering how to write this post and not sure what to say because it kinda feels like "good-bye" to this blog.  I have begun a new adventure with a dear sewing buddy who lives in the Midwest (where I moved from over a year ago).  We were friends and sewing buddies IRL but now we have to catch up on the phone.  We both love to sew and were interested in blogging together to keep in touch and to share blogging responsibilities.  Because we both have small children we don't feel we can blog enough separately but together, well two sewing brains are bound to be better than one and to also be able to blog more consistently.  So all this to say I will be blogging more consistently at i sew you sew.  I hope any of you following me here will come over and visit us.  We are having a great time navigating this adventure together, especially because it is always more fun to sew with other sewists that "get" you.  I will try to post here from time to time, especially for the Grandparents and family that follow me.  So I guess instead of "good-bye" this is "see you in a while, but see me more often elsewhere!"


  1. How wonderful to have a sewing friend.. Oh how, I would love to ..I have friends, but none of them sew. Not many people in my area, sew at all. I will go and check out yours and your friends new blog.. Sounds fun.

    1. Thanks Judy! Yes we once lived in the same city but now pretty far apart so the blog helps to share and inspire each other in our sewing! Thanks for checking out the new blog!


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