Monday, July 29, 2013

Modified Briar tee, Victoria Blazer, and Flashback tees

I've been sewing this summer (just not posting on the blog) and here are some of the results.  I've really wanted to do some variations of the Megan Nielsen Briar tee and here's one I finally conquered.
   It is made from a somewhat sheer knit from Denver fabrics.  I can't say that I highly recommend Denver fabrics and lets just leave it at that.  But the top has a ruffle made from a circle skirt tutorial from Burda.  I tried a ruffle for the first crack at this top and it was awful.  So I cut it off and tried again with this ruffle.  Much better.  Its basically a bias cut peplum.  The skirt is me made too from an out of print McCalls 6290.  A very basic a-line from a thrifted bottom weight twill.  Now for the Victoria Blazer.  The blazer is basically a wearable muslin since it turned out pretty good, a little big so I'll go down a size next time but still very wearable.

You can't tell from these pictures but the mosquitoes are eating my legs alive.  I even sprayed before I went out and I think I had six bites from about 15 minutes of being outside.  They are ridiculously terrible in our backyard.  We fogged one day and they only stayed away for thirty minutes.  Ugghh, definitely summer in the south- you take the good with the bad!  Here's one more shot of the blazer for those of you that might want to make it.  I know I always appreciate multiple views of something I might want to make.
And finally a Mother/Daughters sewing project.
These were all made from a me made maternity skirt with really nice rayon knit from Joann's.  Since I had to squeak out three shirts from the skirt I didn't do the hi-low hem on my tee and didn't bother matching the stripes on the kids tees.  The Flashback tee is a great kids pattern, a little tight for my taste but that is easily fixed with some added seam allowance.  It is easy to whip up and easy to make out of repurposed tees of your own.  Hopefully I can get back soon with some pictures of new dressed for the girls!  Until then, happy sewing.


  1. What lovely sewing projects. I love,love what you did with your t-shirt.. Adding the ruffle was so cute. And so is the blazer..
    Can't wait to see photos of everyone ,in their matching shirts. SO cute.

    Sorry about the mosquitos.. I am from Ms.. and I definitely understand.. They are eating me up too.ha

    1. Thank you so much! Thank you for reading and I noticed you are stash busting! I aspire to do the same, the blazer was a stash buster and I have a few more lengths of fabric meant to be blazers as well. Some fabrics just look like blazer fabric. I hope to get a picture of us in these shirts too! Yes, I bet the only place with more mosquitoes than us is Louisiana!

  2. I like the Briar with a peplum, very cute! I was all set to sew a Victoria blazer, but it is so hot I decided to sew more summer stuff and save the pants and blazer for some early fall sewing. Yours looks great, definitely a very wearable muslin!

    1. Thanks Kelly! The blazer is a fun sew and I have plans for more of them. It went together pretty easily with just a little bit of "I wonder if this is what they meant" moments. I think I'll really enjoy it when the weather cools down.

  3. I'm going to try and reply. Ofter my comments get dropped! :( I really liked seeing the things you've sewed on your site and in person. The jacket is so cute and fits well.
    It was great being with you all and the Crowders.
    How was the first day of school?


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