Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Festival 2011

We had the much anticipated Fall Festival last weekend and here are a few photos from our booth.
This is the left side of the booth.  You can see the chalkboard in front and we had the blue tarp up only when the sun was shining in on that side.  The popular mobile from scraps of fabric and with paper birds is on the right. I never imagined it would have been as popular as it was and it has a new home now.
This is the right side of the booth.  See the vintage make-up case!  When Micah saw it he said, "my Nana had one of those."  I took down the small basket of Christmas ornaments on the second day, it just seemed to clutter the space.
This was on the right side of the tent.  The ironing board was a favorite find of mine.  Below it are a couple of baskets, one with discount items.  The sticks hold my sisters pin cushions and scissor fobs.

The vintage suitcases were a lucky find.  They all just happened to match. 
We had a great weather.  It was in the 70's both days...gorgeous!  It is always fun to see other appreciate all your hard work and we had fun talking to people.  We are considering more craft shows so I'll keep you posted about those!

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