Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What you can find at a thrift store (or church yard sale!)...

Here are some of the treasures I've picked up in the recent months.  I've discovered that I love a church yard sale.  The older women who usually run them are generally always so graceful and kind and the atmosphere is usually a kind one.  The prices aren't outrageous either since they aren't just in it to get your dime!  Mostly they are places where you can find old stuff which is why I love going!

This mixer cover is a little frayed on the edges but I love the embroidery!
This is an enamelware teapot from Poland.  I have used it to heat water in, I hope that's safe.  Anyone have any wisdom about using old enamelware and whether or not its safe?
This is about six yards of fabric.  I just love how vibrant it is and the white polka dots are so fun next to the strawberries.  I've got to figure out what to do with border print fabrics since I have two cute ones. 

And here's a picture for the Grandparents, the other night I went to get in bed and I always keep a roll of toilet paper next to the bed for tissue.  As I went to go to bed I discovered this nice little nest of tissue.
I knew that AJ had Micah's belt earlier in the day and had been hanging it over the edge of the bed "fishing" but I didn't know she'd actually made fish!  And yes my bed is unmade (I know this would make my MaMa roll over in her grave) but I just see it as airing out the sheets during the day!!

Happy day to you and happy creating!

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